At BlueKino we specialise in creating videos for businesses. We want to see businesses succeed and we believe that video is the best way to get your brand noticed and convert more sales. Here are top reasons why:

1. More people are consuming video than ever before

Online video is the fastest growing form of advertising, quickly rivalling traditional advertising through TV, print and radio. As more and more viewers go online the internet and social media is becoming a place for targeted entertainment, where viewers are wanting to consume content that is relevant and engaging to them and their interests. Video can convey a large amount of information in a short amount of time, saving the viewer time and effort. Video has been shown to increase sales by around 30% where a third of shoppers will report purchasing a product or service after viewing a video. Mobile users in particular love to consume more and more video with statistics showing 50% – 88% of mobile users are consuming online video advertising.

2. Video is versatile and cost effective

Although initial costs of video production can sometimes be high depending on the type and quality of video you are looking for, video is a versatile tool that can be distributed across various social media and different online platforms for free. The same footage in different forms can be used for websites, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and even TV. Most online platforms are free and engaging. Even if you do not have video making skills or can not afford production costs you can use video yourself through things like Facebook live, periscope, snapchat or Instagram stories which are completely free and are a great tool in building personal relationships with your audience. When comparing to the price of traditional advertising spots in magazines or newspapers video advertising done properly will come out cheaper and more effective.

3. Search engines and social media like video

Online loves video! Search engines and social media will prioritise video content over any other type of content. Facebook algorithms rate video higher than any other post so it will choose to show your video to more people. Even using the word “video” in the subject line of your Facebook post will increase clicks to your website or post by 19%. A video on your website will increase the amount of time people spend on your website by two minutes compared to sites with no video. Video increases your google rankings 53 times!

4. Video Advertising is targeted and shareable.

When online advertising is done properly you can customise the audience of your video. Although you may not always get a viral video or a video that has the same reach as traditional advertising through TV, your video will be shown to people that are genuinely interested in your product or service. This will increase the likelihood of sales and enquiries. Online video is focused on the quality of your viewer over quantity of viewers and ensures your advertising is no longer falling on deaf ears. More so, online video is shareable. If you create an engaging video, your viewers are more likely to want to share it with their friends increasing your views and potential sales exponentially .

5. Video is persuasive

Video is both a visual and audible medium meaning it is much better at triggering an emotional response in the viewer. Every decision making process requires some level of emotional input prior to taking action. The video medium itself will inevitably trigger a response which directly modifies consumer behaviour and potentially leads to more sales. Even a boring yet informative video will create a greater emotional response than using the same information in a written format or through vision or audio alone.