There’s a number of ways businesses get their messages out there: print, radio, TV, website, photos, video… but what we found over the last few years was a dramatic increase in the amount of video content being consumed. Video is a medium that is time efficient. You can convey so much in an audio-visual format compared to print for example.  Today I’m going to propose that your most valuable piece of video content is a video explaining your core services (or products) in under 2 minutes. This video usually sits on the front page of your website. It’s on your Facebook page. You can email it to potential clients and it can be used at corporate events. There are many uses for a short piece of content that explains your core business, your values and what you’re all about in under 2 minutes. This type of video is usually called a corporate story, company overview video or a “sandwich video” (because you effectively sandwich everything about your business within a 2 minute piece of content).

Having a 2 minute sandwich video is more than just a convenience. When people come to your website to check out your business, you have to ask yourself the following question:

“How much effort am I asking my next potential customer to make in order to understand my product/service and make a decision on whether to buy or to leave?”

When a person visits your website they are interested in what you have to offer. If you are asking them to read 400 words and scroll through pages of material to get enough material to be able to make a decision the chances are that they don’t have the time. Your aim is to help potential customers in making a decision by providing all the information they need in a way that does not require a lot of time and energy.

With today’s society constantly demanding our attention, time is a precious resource. A sandwich video can allow you to pitch your business/service/products in an un-intrusive, comprehensive manner delivered through an emotive medium.

It goes beyond convenience, it shows respect for your customers’ most precious resource: time.